Keeping Time


Keeping Time concerns an archaeologist who travels back in time and has an affair with his wife -- and a musician who has an affair with her husband. There are no typos in that sentence.

Watch the trailer here.

In the United States, you can purchase it directly from Acre Books (as well as the usual suspects).

In Britain, you can purchase it from Waterstones and Blackwell's, along with that other place.


For sidelights on some of the research done for this novel, read Landscape-Mindscape and my blog post in Superstition Review.

"An intelligent and compelling novel. The story's concerns with the lure of the past and the tensions between past and present are beautifully echoed in Aaron and Violet's respective obsessions as archaeologist and musician, as well as in the dynamic between them as a couple. This complex exploration of time and the connections between worlds resonates beyond its reading."

                -- Alison Moore, author of The Lighthouse

"Keeping Time is a rich novel that explores the nature of a marriage and asks whether love is a monolith, a miracle of biology, or an artificial construct. Alternating between the late 1980s and the early 2000s, the story focuses on a crumbling marriage. After a promising, romantic start, Violet and Aaron's connection has eroded. Two children, several career failures, and health issues sink them into the mire of disappointment. Then an ancient mystery makes Aaron hope that he can travel through time to correct the conflicts that threaten to split his family apart. . . . Keeping Time is a modern story with a fantastic deus ex machina at its core: if you could change the past, would you?"

                 -- Foreword Reviews

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2010 - present

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